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Reselling domains has never been easier with the Affordable Domains - Domain Reseller Solution. Register, transfer and manage domains with ease on our hassle-free domain management platform. You can become a Domain Reseller quickly and easily and there are no monthly fees.

  • FREE complete management module to manage customer, billing, support and many more
  • Competitive pricing & volume discount
  • Easy domain management
  • Completely white labelled program
  • Pre-Integrated payment gateways
  • 24/7 experienced support team

Promotional Domains With Our Reseller Program

$16.20 /yr
$21.00 /yr
$21.00 /yr
$16.20 /yr
$16.20 /yr
$16.20 /yr

Reseller Domain Prices

New Zealand 1-9 Domains 10-99 Domains 100+ Domains
.net.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.geek.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.gen.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.kiwi.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.org.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.maori.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.ac.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.school.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.co.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.iwi.nz $21.00 /yr $16.20 /yr $18.00 /yr
.kiwi $62.00 /yr $63.00 /yr $64.00 /yr
New Zealand 1-9 Domains 10-99 Domains 100+ Domains
.net.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.geek.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.gen.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.kiwi.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.org.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.maori.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.ac.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.school.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.co.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.nz $21.00 /yr $18.00 /yr $16.20 /yr
.iwi.nz $21.00 /yr $16.20 /yr $18.00 /yr
.kiwi $62.00 /yr $63.00 /yr $64.00 /yr
New Zealand 1-9 Domains 10-99 Domains 100+ Domains
.net.nz $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr
.geek.nz $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr
.gen.nz $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr
.kiwi.nz $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr
.org.nz $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr
.maori.nz $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr
.ac.nz $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr
.school.nz $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr
.co.nz $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr
.nz $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr
.iwi.nz $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr $0.00 /yr
.kiwi $62.00 /yr $63.00 /yr $64.00 /yr

* All prices are in New Zealand Dollars (NZD). All products are Exclusive of GST.

We are an official .NZ authorised Registrar

You can safely register and manage your .nz domain name with us

Make Money By Reselling Domains To Your Clients!

It's Your Business. Let It Shine.

While other reseller programs may talk about commission rates, ours stands out from the crowd. Here you can set your own margins. That's right, you pick and choose how much money you make off each product. It feels good to have that power, right?

Affordable Domains Advantages

Industry Best Prices

Industry leading Prices & fantastic Promotions.

Get to Own Your Business

Own your business always, as we are a White-labelled solution, unlike the competitors.

Zero Investment to Start

Domain reselling is a zero-investment business, you need just our platform to resell.

Earn More, as You Grow

Increase your profits, as your margins increase with volume, with zero operational cost.

Join Our White Label Reseller Program!
Receive $99 rebate when you activate 100 services within the first 30 days!*
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*Services are defined as web hosting accounts, domain names, and SSL certificates. Terms and Conditions apply.

Included Features

Completely White Labelled Program

The Affordable Domains platform is white-labelled and allows for notification and control panel branding. Add your company information and logo; run your own business.

Pre-Integrated Payment Gateways

Your Control Panel comes with Pre-Integrated payment options that can support payments through Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal & much more.

URL Forwarding

Your customers will be able to forward a domain name to another domain name.

Free Global DNS Hosting

Allow your customers to host their DNS zone with unlimited records on our global cluster.

Email Forwarding

Create email forwarding addresses which forwards emails sent to your domain name onto another email address.

ID Protection (for eligible domain names)

Offer the ability for your customers to protect their online privacy by hiding the registrant details on the public WHOIS database.

Automatic Domain Renewal

Affordable Domains automatically renews your domain so you don't lose it! If you have multiple domains, it can be easy to forget the renewal period.

Domain DNS Management

You can change which service your domain uses for its website and email by managing its DNS records.

Automated Control Panel

Use our custom built, white-labelled control panel to manage all aspects of your customers domains, from domain registrations and renewal to domain transfers and nameserver management. Make use of our free Premium DNS service if you do not have your own nameservers.

WHMCS Module

As a reseller we provide you with our Domains WHMCS Module at no additional cost. This module allows for the automation of domain registration, transfer and renewals through the WHMCS Billing Control Panel.

API Interface

Our feature rich API is the backbone of this solution and we provide you the reseller full access to this API which you can use to integrate into your own website, billing system or CRM. Through this API integration you can enable automated domain management inside your custom software solution.

Name Server Control

Besides changing nameservers for each and every domain in your management panel, you can easily create your own nameservers (ns1.yourdomain.com) right from within the management panel.

New WHMCS Registrar Module

Download the latest WHMCS registrar module compatible with WHMCS V6 and V7.

Our Experienced Support Team Is Here To Assist You

0800 366 446

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do not charge any kind of sign-up fee. Neither do we have any hidden costs. This is a Zero Investment business for you! In order to resell, you first need to sign up with us and verify your account.

Yes, you can buy domain names for your clients. You can buy a domain name at slab based price, directly through our client portal.

Affordable Domains provides all resellers priority support for the fastest response possible at 24/7 via Support Ticket, Live Chat or Phone.

We follow a slab based pricing structure. The slab that will be applicable to you depends on your total number of domains with us. As your total domains with us increase, you automatically move to a better pricing slab, as illustrated in the Pricing Table.

Affordable Domains does not restrict the amount of money you can make as a reseller. This program allows you to resell the available Affordable Domains products and services at whatever rate you desire. You are responsible for paying Affordable Domains for the services that you purchase.

When registering or renewing a domain name you may pay by your pre-verified Credit Card, Paypal or Bank Transfer.